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To become a member of the ProCRhea community, you have to pay an annual fee.

The ProCRhea membership fee provides access to the following services: information on MAP, access to the closed Facebook group, a 45-minute one-on-one discussion with a member of the facilitation team, access to preferential rates with our partners and invitations to events organized by the association.

The ProCRhea non-profit organization is open to all people interested in the subject of medically assisted reproduction. By contributing to the organization, you become a member of the ProCRhea community.

When you join ProCRhea, you become a member of the community for one year. The membership fee is renewable every year upon your agreement.

Membership renewal is not automatic as it will depend on your needs. One month before the end of your membership, you will be contacted by our services so that you can make the necessary arrangements.

In France, the payment of a contribution to a non-profit organization allows for a tax reduction.
Refer to the information available on the French administration website : “Contributions to a non-profit organization”

It is possible to donate and not be a member of ProCRhea.

In France, donations made to foundations recognized as being in the public interest or to general interest organizations such as ProCRhea are tax-deductible for anyone subject to income tax. In France, by donating to ProCRhea you are entitled to a 66% tax reduction up to 20% of your net taxable income. If you exceed this limit, you can carry it forward for the next five years.
Please refer to the information available on the public finance website: “I DONATE TO A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. WHAT CAN I DEDUCT?”

The funds donated are used exclusively for the operation of ProCRhea.

You may cancel your membership in ProCRhea at any time. After the contractual withdrawal period, the membership fee will not be refunded as it contributes to the functioning of the association. The payment of this fee means that one adheres to the social project, and does not constitute an “advance” on expected services.

By being an active member of the ProCRhea community through your information sharing, your feedback, your opinions and advice.

The association is financed by the amount of the entrance fees, the membership fees, the possible subsidies of the State, the departments and the communes paid to the association if this one is eligible, the sums perceived in return for services carried out by the association, the receipts of the events organized by the association, the donations and all the resources authorized by the laws and regulations. ProCRhea is an independent actor and does not receive any funding from specialized MAP institutions.