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In France, since August 21, 2021, the law on bioethics allows single women and couples to benefit from assisted reproduction. One year after the promulgation of the bioethics law, the health system is working to deal with the explosion in the number of requests, with almost 7,000 MAR projects recorded by February 2022, according to the Minister of Health.

Considering the delays in treatment that can extend beyond one year, the aim of our organization ProCRhea is to facilitate access and the exchange of information on MAR. ProCRhea wants to contribute to more equitable, inclusive and non-discriminatory access to MAR care.

The organization’s purpose, which is social and human, is based on the idea that conception and the desire for children are existential needs that are independent of sexual orientation. And, when the desire for children is not possible or difficult naturally, the techniques and treatments of Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR) can be an alternative.

Interested individuals can become members of the  ProCRhea community with privileged access to all international activities and support from dedicated experts.

Founded by Christelle EUSTACHE, expert in strategy and management consulting, specialist in international organizations and public health and, Clovis BOTE, Doctor of General Medicine and holder of a master’s degree in public health, ProCRhea  an independent association that relies on a network of multidisciplinary professionals.